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I live in Houston Texas and during the period 8/25/17 the Houston area was undergoing/preparing for Hurricane Harvey a category 4 Hurricane; Having a storage space at 10220 Beechnut in Houston TX. I store my portable generator and other camping gear, extra coolers, grills ect.

This equipment is extremely useful in situations where my home may lose power. On Friday 8/25/17 having knowledge that a Hurricane category 4 was heading my way I proceeded to go to my storage facility to retrieve my portable generator and additional equipment to sustain my family through the storm. When I arrived at 2:00 pm on Friday 8/25 one day before the storm was expected to hit the Houston area, this facility had a sign up that stated we will be closing at 12:00PM due to the pending storm and were NOT GRANTING ACCESS to its customers, they were inside the office and they had disabled the access code to the entry gate. There were several customers waiting at the gate because no communication was sent out prior to arrival where no access was being permitted.

As you would imagine the customers were irate and the facility gave o reason for the unwarranted and unexpected access for their customers to their personal items stored with the facility. FOR THIS REASON I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS FACILITY TO ANYONE. Any Business that would place its customers in a situation where they could not ensure their safety of the safety of family members is DESPICABLE.

There was no logical reason for this facility to be closed 24 hours before a hurricane was to hit the area where they disallowed access to their customers access to their own personal items stored at this facility. If you need additional information regarding this facility please email me at ibjuscoolin@yahoo.com * Again Note this action was at least 24 hours BEFORE the storm was expected to hit the area, and NO cummuncation was provided to their customers...

Product or Service Mentioned: Extra Space Storage Self-storage Storage Unit.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Un-concern for customers safety or issues.

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"There was no logical reason for this facility to be closed 24 hours before a hurricane"

There was a logical reason and you said it.

A hurricane was coming and the people who run the place needed to be at home making their preparations rather than open the gate for people who waited until the last minute to come and get their stuff.

Let this be a lesson, next time a storm is coming. go get your junk early.

to Anonymous #1407912

The gate is automatic: it does NOT require to be opened or closed by staff: each day at 5pm to 10pm and weekends this gate functions entirely own its own. so your reasoning is FLAWED..

Additionally 24 hours before the storm was to hit is NOT last minute...

So like I said, there was NO logical reason for this facility to have locked its gates so its customers would NOT have access to their personal stored items...

to Anonymous #1587520

Are you *** kidding me? "let this be a lesson" Logical Reason" what kinda of corporate mouthpiece crap are you peddling Mr A?

Note to anyone reading, this is exactly the type of egocentric garbage this company stands behind. NEWS FLASH - the word Customer means you paid, the word Service relates to you as a business SERVING your customers best interests. Not only do you have no right to presume customers need you to teach them lessons but the fact that you would choose to do so in the face of an upcoming disaster is shameful at best, disgusting if you consider that your limiting people to life sustaining supplies prior to an emergency could have resulted in death. So out of line, it blows me away.

If this customer would have broken the gate down or hopped it I dont think there is a cop or a judge who would bat an eye.

ExtraSpace, you need to get your *** straight, you may think with all these new locations you have an unlimited number of new customers, enjoy it, because iit wont last. you cant treat customers like crap and just expect the money to keep coming in

to Anonymous #1587531

your simply a simple person if you truly think this guy was in error


Why would anyone store emergency equipment off-site ?

Hey, please hold up the storm while I go dig through my junk to find my generator.

There's nowhere in your residence for a generator ? Sounds too important to ignore.

You can't go off on a tangent and suggest that "Any Business that would place its customers in a situation where they could not ensure their safety of the safety of family members is DESPICABLE."

There is no way that these storage units hold less than 95% replaceable junk.

May I suggest that you store (or discard) your junk at home and make way for essential items. I'm sorry you got caught with your pants down but it's your own fault.

to Smitty #1380175

@Smitty; If you store 95% replaceable junk in YOUR storage that's your business: What I store in "MY" storage is MY a business; the storage facility is less than 2 miles away from my home so I had felt quite comfortable storing my portable generator there for retrieval when necessary. If Extra Space Storage had not DISALLOWED its customers access to their personal storage items 24 hours before a category storm was to arrive in Houston TX there would have been NO issues.....

BUT they did NOT they would NOT allow the line of customers needing access to their storage rooms and waiting outside their gates access. again this was 24 hours before the storm hit the Houston area and this is DESPICABLE....

to ibjuscoolin #1587525

im with you man I cant think how they could not see where your coming from. Guaranteed, they work for extra space. its the only thing that makes sense

to Smitty #1587523

you have no right to tell people how they conduct themselves or there stuff. its not like it was in the lease he planned to have access because thats what he paid for.

He did not pay for is a sticker limiting access when he needed it most.

I cant understand how you idiots are actually saying this man was in the wrong. This company is wrong in every way, this is just one more example.

to Smitty #1587529

Gotta be an employee of extra space. Last time I checked, business's are supposed take money for a service and provide that service, not change it when its convenient

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