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I did everything I was supposed to do I file the police report I made a claim and I have the claim number as well I got my letters back from the adjuster saying that my case has been reviewed and approved and I will be taking care of shortly I have not received any letter stating the status of my claim and also Extra Space Storage that I did rent from is now no longer there and I storage is now there I guess they didn't them out that same weekend I rented it I feel that I've been taken advantage of I've been robbed and I have not been properly taken care of or even addressed on the situation I feel like you guys have stolen for me and that you guys have no care or remorse in the world and that's another reason why I feel that this was an inside job there's surveillance cameras and I don't know if they work or not but I know for fact that my police report was reviewed and approved and my claim was approved I need to be replaced now with my insurance money which is not even half the amount that was taken and I really feel like I'm going to go ahead and push through and get a lawsuit going on because this is very unprofessional you guys offered security protection and you asked us to trust you to protect our belongings weather was personal business or sentimental values it was my belongings and I trusted the fact that you guys were going to protect it and that's not the case I see and I feel that you guys think you're going to get away with what happened you can reach me back 916 559 0994 my name is lamishualacrina Powell and I will be expecting your guys's call or email as soon as possible I appreciate it and you have a wonderful blessed day

Product or Service Mentioned: Extra Space Storage Customer Care.

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You may need to take them to court. If the site Is closed the Insurance company needs to fix this.

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