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Renters beware!!! I rented a 10 x 10 storage unit online at the Tempe, Arizona storage facility.

After just a few short months, they raised the rental rate approximately 20%. It's a clever little trick they use...get your stuff moved in...then raise your rates, knowing you'll likely not move. CHECK YOUR CONTRACT VERY CAREFULLY!!! YOUR RATES WILL GO UP!!!

Is this legal? Yes. Is it ethical? Not in my opinion!!!

I've never had this happen to me would seem that if this company were ethical they'd make sure you're aware of this neatly little concealed option.

Trust wasn't mentioned when I endorsed the rental agreement. I'm sure it's in there...but they don't want you to know it!!!

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Foley, Alabama, United States #1274326

Storage is a month to month contract. Any of the terms of the original contract can be amended with a 30 day written notice (mail).

Always read the contact so you are an informed consumer BEFORE signing where it days you've read the contact and agree to the terms. Rate increases are just part of the storage industry.

I've stored with 5 different companies, and had rate increases at all of them. Hence why I don't recommend storage as a long term option.


Excuse me, who gives a *** that they give you 30 days notice that you're about to be scammed? That's inconsequential!



Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #739064

They even let you know 30 Days prior in the mail that rates are going to go up. If you have ever had storage before all of the companies do that.

to Anonymous #739085

Yeah Andy...big deal...they let you know by mail rates are going up! How the heck does that justify anything?

The fact still remains they sign you up and then raise the rates! Not all companies do this either...that is B.S.! If they're going to raise their rates in 4 months they ought to tell the consumer when moving into the storage unit that they WILL raise the rates.

This rates right up there with used car salesmen! There's better companies out there to do business with...I suggest everyone find them!


I have just encountered the same "Bate and Switch" situation with their Hayward branch. They are raising my rates after 4 months. Personally i find this disgusting business practice and will move my belongings out as soon as I can. I hate being taken by people like this.

So.. They will lose my business and I will tell everyone I know an as many as I can about their business practices so that fiture people will not be taken in the same way.

Ocala, Florida, United States #682962

The rates at Extra Space are set to automaticly increase after 5 months and every 9 months after that. Most people need storage less than 6 months so no big deal.

Long term renters often use autopay and don'n notice.

The increases are done in their system in Salt Lake NOT by the site managers! 8)

to inthebizz #739203

Excuse me but it is A BIG DEAL to raise rental rates and where do you get your data to support your statement that most people don't need rental space longer than 5 months? That's a bunch of hogwash!

Furthermore, I don't care where the rate increase occur, whether it's in Salt Lake or China! What the heck difference does that make?

I go back to my original point...I'm sure the rental agreement states that the consumer is going to get raped in the very near future with rate increases...but it isn't pointed out to the consumer when signing the agreement whatsoever! That's the scam of this whole deal...furthermore...I'm sure there are rental companies who don't raise their rates after a few short months thus scamming their renters and the next time I rent storage space I will be looking for one that doesn't and it won't be these clowns!

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