AUCTION CALLER WON MY STORAGE....My name is Ralphy with my sister and nephew, I attended my first storage auction July 16, 2014 in West Sacramento, California in hopes of winning storage #371. The storage started 2 hours late.

The auctioneer arrived with approx 10 more people with him that came from another place of auction. We was shown approx 8 units before Unit 371. My sister told the crowd it was her unit and can they keep the bid low so I can win back my nephew memoir: Grant High Champion Quarterback who just made it back in town from college and my other nephew who was violently murdered and her sewing belonging that she was donated for her recently reinstated Non-Profit, along with other values. The Auctioneer first ask my sister do she want to buy it now and before he start.

He then look at his assistant and scream if you say something else "Im going to put you out". The auctioneer started the bid at $50, $100, $200, $250....Everyone else was quiet....I said I buy it and ask the auctioneer who am I bidding against because everyone was silent....He looked at me and said now it $585 can you afford it. I was disappointed. I lost to the Auctioneer, which I know is Illegal Misconduct.

We ask people who bought it and most said I do not know. The Auctioneer all of us what was value in the storage. We gave the list and first told us he will return our values in three days. My nephew was sent a $150 check.

The auction assistant called us two months later to pick up the item, September. We complained about other items pictures,jerseys, personalize clothes that were made by my sister "prom outfits, graduation, Non-Profit Fashion Gear and Patent Clothing to generate funds.

The day the Auctioneer returned the manager told us she will give him the message. After asking the manager was it fair for him to buy the storage and other questions.

When we called her back like she said, she stated "he not going to return nothing else". My sister and nephews lost their belonging to an illegal eviction and the storage was aware and told us how we can when it back. The two hours we waited we offered the storage a payment that was $40 short and she refused to take the offer stating "it was not my son who offered" even though she knew it was my son who shared his story with her that how we knew to attend the auction. I am so disappointed that a storage will do that.

And if anyone did buy it it a Blessing. But truly we feel the Auctioneer bought it...WE WOULD LOVE TO BUY OUR BELONGING BACK & MOST ITEM MAY BE A TAX DEDUCTION.....WHAT STORAGE WOULD TREAT PEOPLE CRUEL & IT WAS VERY USUAL.

This person wrote the review because of "auctioneer suppose to make a public announcement he will also make bids against the auctionee..." at Extra Space Storage. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $56000 and wants Extra Space Storage to "my solution is for the storage to contact whoever bought the storage and return all the personal items that are very important to us and for the storage to make a monetary and non-monetary donation to the non-profit that were in there!".

If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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