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I entrusted my possessions to Extra Space storage and purchased insurance to cover them. When I went to move out of the unit I discovered several boxed where wet.

I told the company employee that we had several boxes damaged. He gave us a copy of the insurance information and sent us on our way. When I filed a claim with the insurance company (Beecher Carlson) they denied it. There agreement clearly states that it does cover water damage.

There was no indication on how my possessions managed to get wet but the bottom of the boxes had water lines and were covered in mold and mildew. I went in to talk about the issue to Extra Space Storage and find out what might be done to make the situation right and the manager of my location said that they could do nothing. He remarked that Extra Space essentially rents out air and that a climate controlled unit doesn't carry any extra guarantees. He said that the insurance is there just because people were demanding it and was only to be used as a substitute.

I called Extra Space's main office to get some help and received the same answer. One of Extra Space's employee's told me that the dehumidifier hasn't been working properly in the building my unit was located in and the problem has been going on for months. The location manager told me that I am not the first person to have this problem. My thought is that if is known why wasn't I told!!!

I understand that no storage company can guarantee the absolute safety of your possessions there are too many factors in this world. But picking an insurance company with integrity would be a start and at the very least letting the consumer know their limitations up front. We also got locked in. after 10pm if you don't pay extra for around the clock access you can get locked in by the main gate all night.

Which is made worse if you need to get your rental back by a certain time or else pay for a second days use. The staff at this location were very nice but they have no power to help you because of the restrictions that corporate puts on them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Extra Space Storage Storage Unit.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I have been dealing with the insurance company since July, all of my belongings were damaged due to mold/mildew. I was told that the air unit wasn't working properly and that was probably the cause. The insurance company is so hard to get a hold of and ignore emails and call.


I am experiencing that as we speak, and the Devil is a lie some body will be liable for the MOLD AND MILDEW THAT WATER HAS CAUSE TO ALL OF MY BELONGINGS!!!


I agree, I just found MOLD in my unit and I complained about the hot temperatures for 2-years in my climate controlled unit! I was told management was trying to save money on the electricity bill.

Well, now they are going to have to pay for my attorney's fees and for my belongings because I am not just going to pass this off to my insurance company because they were intentionally negligent and dismissive of my complaints and concerns! Go somewhere else that keeps their temperatures at 74 degrees or cooler and stay away from Extra Space because they will cause you to have Extra Headaches!!!!

Olathe, Kansas, United States #951586

I also had a storage space with Extra Space for one year. When I moved out, mice had eaten through my leather couch and many of my boxes.

I had to throw out the rest of u belongings because there was so much mouse *** all over them. I got a message a few days ago from Beecher Carlson stating that it didn't fall under my insurance. I can't get a hold of them now. When I spoke with the person at the storage unit and asked if We could use the dumpster to throw away some of the belongings, he said 'no it's not our problem'.

If I don't hear back from the company about why my claim was denied, I will be posting my pictures from my storage space online with reviews. If you have stuff there, move it out!

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #690065

I have two storage units at the Woburn, MA facility. I put my items in this facility since it promised climate control and is new.

My items have been stored in one unit since March and one unit since May. We just purchased a house and have been living out of a few suitcases while we renovated. The renovations are nearly complete, so we went to get our things out of storage yesterday, only to find everything we owned covered in mold. The boxes were damp and so were the belongings inside.

Among furniture, we lost many sentimental items including handmade blankets from family members that have passed on, newborn pictures of our 2 year old son and newborn pictures of our 7-month old daughter. All of their baby equipment is gone. Yesterday should have been a happy day for us, but finding nearly everything we owned destroyed caused nothing but grief, sadness and headaches from digging through mold filled units. In addition to finding our belongings ruined, we were told that we needed to dispose of the ruined, mold filled items.

As I'm sure you are aware, mold can cause people who come in contact with it to become sick. I wonder how many other storage units have mold in that facility and how many other clients have lost their belongings and don't know it yet. At this point, my family and I feel it would not be in the best interest of our health to move items consumed in mold. We also paid monthly for a facility in which we were promised climate control-which was not delivered.

If you have had a similar situation with Extra Space Storage, please email me at issueswextrastorage@gmail.com.

Promising a climate controlled facility and knowingly not holding up their end of the contract is a breech of contract.


Yea I just got kicked out of mine, same thing wood floors, water damage, bugs. Horrible experience, maybe you can do like I did and post a bunch of fake promo ads for them so they get like a million calls in a day.

Remember the words 50% off, free, and unlimited work wonderfully. Good luck with your revenge fellow "anti-extra-spacers"


Ironically I had storage in a Florida Extra Space in what was supposed to be an enviormentally controlled unit. But they lost power for the better part of a month after a hurricane and had frequent days long power outages after regular thunderstorms. My boxes frequently got so mushy I couldn't move them with any weight in them. They told me there was nothing they could do and should of bought insurance but why are they selling insurance that doesn't cover the most likely source of damage in Florida-water, humidity, mold etc. Well glad I never bought insurance.

I would take them to small claims court especially if you paid for an enviormentally controlled unit. I'd try to get a credit for the difference between an enviormentally controlled unit and a non enviormentally controlled unit.

Note. I've found it's best on a concrete floor especially, painted or not is to set stuff on blocks of wood. Cut up a bunch of 2x3s from trash and/or scrap piles somewhere. It's worth the investment of time and possibly money to keep stuff off the floor. Also the styrafoam packing found in tv and appliance boxes is also good to set stuff on. You a circulation of air in the unit and underneath the boxes helps keep them dry.

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